A PR & Marketing Agency for Video Game and Game Tech focusing on Japan.

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Miya has worked with Digital Marketing for more than 13 years in the international business environment. Miya has spent the last five years consulting with marketing, PR support for game studios/publisher and game tech companies. 
Based in Sweden.


Mix is a project manager and localizer. He has helped translation of over 10 games in various genres so far. He has a strong passion and love for unique and weird indie games. Indie games have changed his entire life. Coffee Lover.
Based in Japan.


Ryo has worked as an English/Japanese translator for over 5 years. His works include tech translation as well as in-game text translation. Ryo is also a skilled programmer with experience in game development.
Based both in Japan and USA.

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We localize with love <3
Japanese & several Asian languages 


Need CERO ? Need help with Japanese
for setting up systems?


We do Marketing, PR,
Influencer promotions.

What about the Chinese and Korean Markets? Ask our Partners  :)


Tiffa Media breaks down the language barrier between game developers and their Chinese-speaking audience. You've released on Steam, and you are getting negative reviews from Chinese players? Tiffa Media will help you to collect their feedback and provide advice on how to make them happy!
Based in Sweden.

South Korea

BADA GAMES is a small agency team, gathered by game-adoring staffs to help domestic/international Game Developers to release their games themselves in South Korea without local publishers. We can help you in any tasks necessary in the process, including localization, marketing, or GCRB/GRAC age rating certification to launch your games in the local market. You can count on us as publishing-outsourcing agency for any kind of business that game publishers do.